Monday, September 20, 2010

Danish Manor House Revival on Funen

The island of Funen in Denmark is one of the most romantic landscapes in all of Europe, and home to one of the best preserved Renaissance water moat castles to be found in the world (pictured above), Egeskov Castle.  Rhonda and I are planning a trip to Copenhagen in the spring and look forward to returning to magical Funen and Egeskov Castle. 

Late last night, with plans for our trip and the anticipation of an antiquing spree dancing in my head, I was looking at the Danish Auction house Bruun Rasmussen's website and discovered a sale going on today featuring pieces from a manor house on Funen called Gelskov Gods.

It may be too late for readers to participate in the auction but surely there will be more inventory from Gelskov Gods to choose from soon, as the owners, Anette and Heine Dahl Bartsch, are art dealers and antiques importers of French and Belgian furniture as well as the Danish.

Here are some views of their amazing property, Gelskov Gods:

Here are Anette and Heine in front of Gelskov Gods.  The couple fell in love with the Danish island of
Funen ( Fyn in Danish) and moved from Copenhagen several years ago to under take the restoration of the manor house. It is now a fantastic destination, featuring a B & B and gallery in the main space. Antiques are found throughout the property with a full shop devoted to them that is open in the stables. 

Gelskov Gods would be the perfect place to stay for those wanting to explore the surrounding area.
Here, (above) another view of Egeskov Castle, just one of over one hundred and twenty three
manor house and castles dotting the landscape of Funen. 

One of the many traditional windmills found in the countryside....

Hesselagergard floating above the lilypads...

Funen is Denmark's third largest island so you can truly return again and again and always be inspired by architecture and design that you may have missed on an earlier visit. 

Rhonda and I can't wait and we will be sure to visit Anette and Heine!

To learn more about Gelskov Gods go to

To plan a visit to Funen in which you can follow in the footsteps of Manor hopping native
son Hans Christian Andersen  go to HERE


  1. Too beautiful for words! You've made my day with this post girls!!
    Thank you!!

  2. Edie and Rhonda, always good hearing from you. This fall marks 6 years ago we first connected! 6 years! Feels like yesterday!

    I recently applied for a great job (which is a long shot - but there is still a chance). If I get it, I will be spending a lot of time in Europe and I sure would work very hard to get to Denmark when you guys will be there!

    Holly cow, what amazing places (and I have never heard of them!). Both Egeskov castle and Gelskov Gods. And Anette and Heine have a store, you say? Selling antiques? Bring a container! And they are art collectors too?! Heavenly.

    You are all going to have so much fun together! I already know it!

    Fall hugs to you both.

    ox, Mon

  3. Magic place!
    And I love the windmill :)

  4. Am gobsmacked by all this beauty! Denmark is fantastic and I love love love both places you shared with us. The castle brings me right back to Val de Loire where I used to live. Castles set on/in the water like so are amongst my favourite!

    Will not these gems down for future use!

    Thank you!

    x Charlotta

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