Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuesday Design Crush - Tim Tareco

Why did this dull, rainy mid-winter day - read POURING- seem exciting and beautiful when I reached New York ? Was it because I was doing a delivery for one of the more exciting and beautiful people I know?

One of the driving creative forces at M.A.C. Cosmetics is Tim Tareco, whose new set of antique grey and black Swedish rustic chairs I had carefully packed in the back of my Volvo station wagon this morning. High octane glamor and social consciousness are the eternal focus of M.A.C.'s dynamic worldwide cosmetics company and Tim seems to embody all of what that means. Tim occupies a world of Viva Glam lipsticks in seven celebrity fueled colors that raise millions of dollars each year for AID/ HIV research and most recently for Haiti's earthquake victims.

Like Rhonda, Tim is a visual genius, who I have known seemingly forever (of course through Rhonda! ) so I was curious to see what he had done with his new apartment downtown. I admire that Tim has such a severe aesthetic and never waivers, always waiting, sometimes years, for the right piece to come his way. Rhonda and I were so flattered that he fell in love with a grey and black trunk from our inventory last spring and now has chosen to add some of our Swedish chairs into the mix.

I had heard that this new place of Tim's was done in grey, gold and black - in my mind I envisioned a Van Day Truex look strengthened up with some black leather. I couldn't wait to see it. I just love placing the rustic antiques in modern spaces. They take on a totally different character then when placed in a country home with other antiques. The primitive antiques always reveal themselves in the modern settings as what they are - Art.

I drove around Thompson Square looking for parking. Attempts to double park in front of the building were hampered by seemingly endless police patrolling the area. Finally in desperation, I put my hazards on in front of a fire hydrant by the front door and pulled the chairs out hastily giving them to Tim's doorman in the middle of a torrential rain.

I never got to place the chairs or see the apartment! Ugh.

This just in tonight from Tim:

E & R See attachment. Chairs look SOOOO GOOD! Thank you ! Thank You! Thank You! I Love You Two! xx TT

Tim Tarreco's New York aerie with Swedish chairs in place via TT's cell phone.
We love you too, Tim and hope you enjoy the chairs! Send more pictures!!!
xo Edie & Rhonda

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