Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For Love of Linen

Hi out there to everyone in blog land. Edie has been asking me to make an appearance, and I apologize for not writing sooner. Right now, I am working on a fantastic project in Washington, CT that is in the Gustavian style. Every once in a while, a project comes along that not only is a creative challenge, but also is just a joy to work on.

So, what inspires us when we work on interiors? Fabrics, color, mood, and location set the stage. Sometimes, it is as simple as finding the perfect swatch of fabric, and bingo, the space is defined. Linen is a fabric that I find I come back to again and again when doing design. Sweden, historically is known for its amazing linens ( the image above comes from the Skansen website http://www.skansen.se/ . Skansen musuem in Stockholm actually give demonstrations on the art of linen weaving ) and I love finding antique linen from there to bring back for projects.

For natural, hand woven fabric being made today, I especially love the fabrics of Rogers & Goffigon Ltd.. I love their color palette as well as their wide variety of linens and cottons. They are a perfect fit for Swedish inspired interiors.

Here, a rare photo of the visionary founders of Rogers & Goffigon Ltd., Jamie Gould and Jack Flynn. The partners attention to detail, commitment to fine weaving and eye for quality has made their fabric house a favorite with designers around the world.

Their latest venture is called DeLaney & Long Ltd, , a fabric collection of outdoor quality fabrics. Look at the weave on this - something you don't see often in an outdoor fabric. I can't wait to use it!
Well, its back to the job sight for me. Hopefully I will have a chance to post again soon.


  1. Hi, great blog.

    This type of weave pattern is called "Goose eye" in common, one can almost tell...the techique gives a very solid quality.

    From a textile pro in Stockholm,


  2. Ia,

    Thank you for telling us the proper name of this weave in Sweden. Tell us some more about the textiles you work with and what Swedish fabric companies you like. We'd love to know!


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