Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time for Our Tastemaker Tag Sale

The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things....of  Swedish clocks
and table tops, of Empire urns and rustic butter churns!  No need to fall
down a rabbit hole, we have it all here now at our fantastic
Eleish van Breems Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane!

This Swedish clock cupboard is just one of the many unique items in our Eleish van Breems Tastemaker Tag Sale at One Kings Lane. Click HERE to view the Sale which runs from January 22 -24.   This unique clock cupboard is the type of hybrid furniture piece that the Swedes are known for, at once beautiful and yet eminently practical.

Rooms in 18th and 19th century Swedish farm house were often limited to just two or three downstairs rooms or, in more reduced circumstances, just one communal room.  Given that space was so limited, two types of furniture were often combined to save on precious space.   Here is an example of a clock that has been built into a secretary to form a clock secretary hybrid.   The blue clock secretary (above)  is in the home that Shannon Newsom and her mother, designer Jane Moore, designed together and
has appeared in our book Swedish Country Interiors as well as gracing the cover of Veranda.

Sometimes very wealthy merchants, mine mangers and  farmers would have several clockworks in one case piece, a sign of prestige and industriousness.  This example, above,  from our collection is painted in the darker traditional colors of the Swedish country furniture and is painted to imitate mahogany.  The initials of the owner and the date are commemorated on the clock secretary's cupboard doors.

This photo from our Swedish Interiors book was taken in the living room
of Linda Kennedy and we think you will agree that the the clock secretary is a standout piece. 
The perfect blend of functionality and form , we love Swedish clock cupboards and secretaries
and will be looking for more special examples on our trip to Scandinavia this spring.


  1. I just loooove the clocks.....and am realizing I need a Mora Clock sometimes soon!!!!!!!!! In the meantime,how lucky I am to have found you and your wonderful pictures:))))) Very nice on the eye ;)

  2. Wonderfull post ,Iam really into swedish decor
    and have just found you. Beverley

  3. Have just found you I have a shop also I am always interested. Adore what you have + how it is arranged. Greetings from Los Angeles + a very happy Wednesday.

  4. How lucky I am to have found you and your wonderful pictures! Wonderful post!

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