Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gingham Fresh

Ginggang from the Malay! Gingang from the Dutch! Gingham from the English weavers of Manchester! Whatever its origins or proper name we love Gingham. Gingham has been used in Sweden to striking effect since the 18th century. We love the modern dash that a bold gingham can give to a room and how it can transform even the most formal piece of furniture into a welcoming seat. Here in my sitting room is a transitional Rococo - Gustavian Swedish settee from 1766. It was one of the first important pieces of Swedish furniture I ever bought and I love it to this day. The deep bold blue gingham is Swedish and I have never, despite much inquiry, been able to source the fabric. Any one? The closest match Rhonda and I have found is a Waverly fabric. This photo is from a dream shoot in my own home with two of the most stylish men I've ever met - Photo by Simon Upton and produced by Miguel Flores-Vianna for House Beautiful. How lucky!


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  1. I think I found a fabric similar to it on It's a Laura & Kiran fabric in a 4" navy and white check. 100% cotton at $21.95 per yard. Schindlers is out of stock right now but you can reorder a 20 yard minimum from Cleveland Store at 1-800-731-3051.

    I also love the Sewish fabrics offered up at And has great links to Swedish fabrics and furniture as well as The Swedish Chair and Real Gustavian.

    I loved your first book and can't wait to get the second. I'm preordering it today!
    I look forward to reading your blog and seeing what you come up with next!
    Best Regards, LilyOake